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(Determine your ideal body weight.)Example: If you weigh 150 pounds, this means the amount of protein you should eat is: 150 lbs (divided by 2.2 lbs per kilogram) = 68 kg; 68 kg x 1.2 grams of protein per kg of body weight = 82 grams of protein daily. Animal protein is in seafood, dairy products, meat, poultry and eggs.

For the maximum amount of protein, multiply 68 kg x 1.6 grams of protein per kg = 109 grams of protein per day. Vegetarian protein can be found in legumes, soy, vegetables and grains.

For every pound of muscle lost, you lose the capacity to burn 35 to 50 calories per day.

That means, if you've lost 7 pounds of muscle by the age of 50, at 50 calories per muscle, that's 350 calories you need to avoid every day just to prevent weight gain, let alone lose weight. When you lose weight, about half of what you lose is muscle — though you can minimize muscle loss by eating right (so read on! This makes it even harder to keep the weight off, because you're reducing your muscle, and therefore your metabolism, as you lose pounds. It is one of the most important nutrients for the human body, second only to water.

And while it's true that high-protein foods often bring fat and calories along as uninvited guests, it doesn't have to be that way.

My personal regimen includes drinking some skim milk before my workout (all you need is about 1/2 a cup, or about 4 grams of protein) and eating yogurt immediately after my workout or yoga session — in the gym!

Studies of 80-year-olds show muscular strength can mean the difference between independence and a nursing home: it improves balance and walking ability, while reducing the risk of falls.

But, for a variety of reasons, it's not easy to build muscle.

" (Life Line Press, 2011) and a frequent national commentator on nutrition topics.

This article is adapted from one that first appeared in the Washington Post.

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