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It leaves the door open for the possibility of making out while you don’t even have to pay for her or act stuffy as you would on a real date.No matter which route you take, make sure to play it cool, but never take no for an answer!

The idea of the date is to spend as little money as possible while being somewhere that lets you get to know her a little better, which brings us to our next important point.

Don’t forget that winky faces are always appropriate no matter what proceeds them, they can always add some spice into your average conversation. For the month of October, make sure to include a “spooky meme” in your conversation, it’s guaranteed to dazzle girls every time.

If you’re more of a chill easy going guy, suggest that you both should, “hang out.” Forget what everyone says about hanging out being the “death of dating.” Hanging out is the perfect low-key way to be completely uncommitted and never let the girl know if you are on a date or just friends.

Asking a girl out is your real chance to get creative. ” To pick up lines like, “Hey girl, are you my appendix?

Because I wanna take you out,” are the perfect way to catch a girl’s eye and really make her feel special.

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