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Large enough to test Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and other forms of deep-sea submersible, future astronauts will be able to experience operating on full-scale replicas of the modules that form parts of the International Space Station (ISS), complete with a ‘mission control’ style high-definition video room for pool supervision.Blue Abyss will also include hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers, a micro-gravity simulation suspension suite for replicating the effects of weightlessness and a facility known as the 'Kuehnegger Human Performance Centre', focusing on human spaceflight research and its benefits for terrestrial health care.

This game has a banner directory (like many other DS games) which contains a banner and a set of plain text files for different languages, each containing a short description of the game's multiplayer mode, to be displayed on the receiving system when Download Play is used.At 50m deep and with a volume of approximately 42,000 cubic metres, Blue Abyss will provide state-of-the-art training facilities designed to be the world’s most comprehensive commercial aquatic and space training, research and development centre.Supporting the commercial diving, submersibles, human spaceflight and human life science sectors, Blue Abyss will help to reduce risk, improve performance and aid exploration in extreme environments, including those associated with commercial diving and sub-aquatic archaeology, human spaceflight and life sciences.Writing in a blog post for the Blue Abyss website, he says: ‘The facility and its expeditions will go beyond improving our understanding in science, engineering and conservation. Blue Abyss will be open to the public and its aquatic undertakings around the world will involve global public and schools outreach.We need not only support those currently pushing the boundaries but also inspire and inform the public and encourage the next generation.’ To assist with the underwater training, Blue Abyss have recently announced a partnership with RAID, formerly a specialist training agency for rebreather diving, who has relaunched in the last few years with more focus on standard, recreational open circuit training – an up-and-coming rival to the likes of PADI and SSI Blue Abyss will be located in Colchester on the University of Essex’s Knowledge Gateway Innovation Park and is expected to be fully operational by early 2019.

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