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Wanting to distract herself, she tells Pete they should watch the movie itself, which they do on a computer in Andy's office.

Pete points out some items of trivia during the film, such as the fact that Alexander Godunov, who plays Karl, the main henchman, was a ballet dancer in real life.

After Erin returns without Andy (Andy decided to sail the boat to its buyer in the Bahamas himself, taking his brother, but not her, much to her disappointment), Pete invites her to join some of his friends for drinks and pool. I remember when I joined the team at Officevibe, I was pretty nervous, and wanted to make sure I became friends with the team as quickly as possible.Luckily, the team here understands how to properly onboard a new employee, so I was okay, but I’ve had different experiences at other companies I’ve worked at.In "The Whale" Pete grows a mustache with several other male co-workers for "Movember" at the suggestion of Toby Flenderson, but after Erin is visibly put off by it (awkwardly attempting to compliment it as a "handsome" eyebrow of a "cyclops whose eye fell out"), Pete is seen in the following scene emerging from the washroom, having shaved his mustache off.In "The Target", Pete has been given the redundant task of filling out customer service complaint cards, despite the information already being on a computer.

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