Dating a real estate agent updating to circuit breakers

You run an open house and create a drone video of the home.

In short, you help them get the most from their buy-in.

As unrelated as dating and real estate marketing may seem, it’s easy to see the correlation once you break it down.

In dating, you don’t ask for commitments too early or force them to move in before they know anything about you.

It’s when you make them laugh or hold the door open for them, and they become keen to learn more about you.

It’s when the customer begins to feel a connection and engage with you in a low-commitment way, like commenting on an online post or watching a video you created.

You go to Disneyland, and they invite the other four families in your cul de sac to join you.• The Digits:  By now, you’ve established enough of a rapport that you can ask for their phone number or email.They’re comfortable giving you their information or setting up that first date.• The Marriage:  You’re well into your relationship, and you’re on solid, trusting ground with the person.You propose, marry, have kids and buy a house and continue on successfully for the long haul.

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