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Patent pending—1940-present: A patent has been applied for in the United States but not yet granted. Off.—ca.l932-present: Registered United States Patent Office. Reg., Rd, Registered, with a number—1884-present: The English designation that indicates a design or process has been registered.

Patented—1900-current: A patent has been granted by the United States Patent Office. Registry mark, diamond shaped—1842-1883: The English designation that indicates a design or process has been registered. Royal—after 1850 (Royal Crown Derby, 1876; Royal Doulton, 1902; Royal Worcester, 1862): The word "Royal" was used as part of many English marks.

A fine Royal Worcester fruit painted coffee set comprising coffee pot, cream jug and sugar bowl.

A good original set with all pieces signed HH Price and with date codes for 1925.

The story begins with an entrepreneur named Andrew Planche, who migrated from France to England to escape the religious suppression of the Huguenots during the early 1700s.

After settling in england, planche decided to open a porcelain factory.

USPA approved glaze—1975 The United States Potters Association approved the glaze for safety, durability, etc. This term may appear on wares made outside the United States also. It appears as part of a company name on English wares in the 1890s.It employs about 300 people and manufactures the highest quality english fine bone china in its factory on its four and a half acre site on osmaston road, in derby, england.Opened sometime before 1750, with the exact date of the company’s founding not known.Delft—if the word "delft" appears, the pottery probably dates from the 19th or 20th century a tin-glazed earthenware, often blue and white, but other colors were also used. 1900: Depose is the French word for "registered." Designed expressly for—ca.l927-present: Factories sometimes made special patterns for use by one special customer. East Germany—1949-1990: Germany was divided into four occupation zones after World War II, from 1945 to 1949. Freezer-oven-table—1960s and after: The dish can be put in the freezer, then directly into an oven until the contents are cooked, then used for table service. Gesch.)—after 1899: These are the German words for legally patented or registered. 1962: The dishes are at least partially made by hand, not molded by machine.These were often marked with the customer's name as well as the factory name. The Russian zone became the German Demo¬cratic Republic, or East Germany. Hand-painted—England and the United States about 1935: The design is painted directly on the dish by an artist. Hand-painted china was popular in the 1880-1910 period, when it was made by many women at home as a hobby.

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