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Her parents belonged to the mixed ethnicity of Irish-German heritage.She spent childhood days with two older brothers, James and John in New Canaan, Connecticut.Coulter, of course, has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage for years, willingly inserting her opinions about the private love lives of LGBT people any chance she gets.When asked about her own love live, however, she freezes. ” she barked before muttering something about liberals driving “little dinky hybrid cars.” See the delightfully uncomfortable video below.Her contents are a serious take on illegal immigration, Christianity, border security in USA and amnesty programs.Ann wrote a book supporting President Trump titled, which sells at around .88. The book sells at a price of .99 for its Kindle Version while for a Hardcover edition, it costs around .71.Though her opinions guard most of the notable person out there, she also reserves some of the space for romantic fillings. So her dating story includes the list of boyfriends, the eligible future husband.She has been in a relationship with the guys from author to commentator profession.

Throughout her life, she has been in many relationships, both short term and long term."Having made the actual physical break, it was easier for me than I had thought to explain to Neil some of what I felt, what I had been feeling for so long a time. There were areas which I couldn't discuss even then, which would be too hurtful to him, I felt. Boyfriend, Children, Married: Last September 2017, Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker were rumored as husband wife.Well, Ann Coulter has been the center of controversies with few hauls on LGBT communities, abortion, Christianity, Immigration, the war on drugs, civil liberties and White genocides.The conservative social and political commentator, Ann Coulter has a sound personality in spite of controversial view.

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