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An executor collects estate assets and transfers inheritances to the beneficiaries as directed by the will.The executor manages and protects assets – for example, making sure the decedent's home is secured – until assets can be passed to beneficiaries or sold and the proceeds given to the beneficiaries.If you fail to take action against an executor performing in a dubious or unethical manner, the estate may suffer losses and you could lose part or all or your inheritance.State laws vary, but you can usually take action against an executor if you are an interested party to the estate, such as a beneficiary under the will.One possible justification in this scenario is that the only asset the other beneficiary inherited hasn't been sold yet.Some instances of unfair dealings by an executor are easier to prove than others are.

The court will investigate any irregularities or problems discovered and take action, which may include removing the executor.In many instances, when two people are named co-executor of the estate and required to act together, the co executors disagree about how to manage the estate, and co-executor problems can arise. First, under Georgia probate law, when a probate court has appointed two people to act as co-executors of a will they have a duty to act together in the best interests of the estate and its heirs.In some instances, what should be nothing more than simple disagreements turn ugly and one executor may go rogue and start taking action without the knowledge, consent, or permission of the other co-executor. That means that they must make decisions together and that both of them must agree to any actions taken on behalf of an estate.The executor also has a responsibility to the decedent’s beneficiaries to ensure each one gets the property the decedent wanted them to have, as defined by the will.This process can become difficult if the executor is also a beneficiary of the estate.

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