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In evaluating a relationship that might lead to marriage, three elements are really important (you may decide to include others).

I recommend continually assessing any dating relationship in these terms.

But that is actually the most shallow level of compatibility. A relationship isn’t going to make it to marriage without a spark of attraction and excitement.

Romance will come and go, and love is certainly far more than romantic attraction.

Right now, you feel more comfortable in a relationship which provides a sense of not knowing from day to day where you stand in love.

If your home life was filled with drama and instability, you will gravitate towards men who bring that element to the relationship.

Even with great character and strong compatibility, I would not recommend that a couple move forward toward marriage without romantic attraction.

When you’re infatuated with someone, or when you’re tired of waiting for the right person to come along, it’s hard to apply these standards.

If you are drawn to those who are mysterious, secretive, and otherwise leave you guessing what they truly feel, you are basing your relationship choices primarily on physical attraction. However, I have been in a couple of bad relationships. I'm not sure if I really love this man because there is no "spark." None!That way, I never feel like I’ve wasted my time, regardless of how successful the actual date is.So, if you pick a fun activity but the chemistry isn’t there, then just persevere and enjoy what you’re doing.You’re not likely to attract that kind of man or woman if you are self-centered, undisciplined, or lack integrity yourself.Compatibility is not limited to having common interests, although it’s great if you like the same music, sports, or activities. But you should have a basic level of compatibility in some key areas of life.

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