For someone to be diagnosed with PTSD, they must have experienced symptoms for at least a month.

PTSD People with PTSD have disturbing feelings […] Read More Posted in Addiction, Articles, Mental Health When deciding on the right mental health treatment center for co-occurring disorders, there are several key elements you should look for.

Without knowing […] Read More Posted in Articles, Mental Health, Mental Health, Mood Disorders, Treatment Treatment-resistant depression (also called treatment-refractory depression) is a thoroughly researched topic and widely recognized clinical challenge.

However, significant numbers of people with bipolar disorder also develop psychosis symptoms.However, it is perfectly possible to mislabel that intentionally if you just are up for some mischief.So, it can be argued how much will that really affect the experience of users in a positive sense. It is like a (slightly) more refined version of Chat Roulette. We love the opportunity to meet girls and boys following our favorite activities or to add as friends the people you loved.It is of course possible to report those who violate the regulation Random Chat English Cam Zap.

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These patterns can take a few forms and may feed […] Read More Posted in Anxiety, Articles, Depression, Mental Health Anxiety and depression are double-barreled disorders that can suffocate you emotionally while at the same time filling you with jittery angst about what the future may hold.

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