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Even if you’re good about ditching fake friends and ignoring anonymous requests, anyone on Facebook can still send a message to your "Other" inbox.In Facebook Messenger, these pop up as “Message Requests,” and even if someone isn’t your friend, he or she can still send you nasty links and malware without much consequence.Never ever click on any links you get in these unverified messages, and do your best to avoid interaction with anyone who sends you a chat request out of the blue, even if he or she looks like someone you know.Follow the rules above and verify before you even reply, and if you determine it's a fake, head to the scammer's profile page and block them.But there is a quick way to find out whether anyone has been ignoring your Facebook Friend requests.1/ Log in to and tap the little Facebook Request icon in the top right-hand of the banner (it's the symbol that looks like two silhouettes).2/ This will load a drop-down menu populated with all of your recent Friend Requests.

But for other Facebook users, it could be a brilliant ego-booster.If the person isn’t friends with any of your friends, it’s almost certainly a scammer.If you do spot a fake, block, report, and warn your friends.It depicts the relationships between three girls: the main character, her less popular, slightly geeky friend, and a “queen bee” or popular mean girl.The story incorporates episodes of cyber-bullying, public exclusion, and taunting and harassment about wardrobe and weight to express the escalation of abuse that characterizes any type of bullying.***Can be paired with Step Up the single gender play for adolescent boys.

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