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That’s a story we want to continue to explore next season. A normal day in school, he enters the room, and everything just slows down. You start to check the guy out from head to toe, of course, and as a reaction, the following might be happening to you: Uh oh! You could probably hear your heart screaming, “Oh gosh. ”At first, I was in full denial that I’ve actually come to like him, but what feelings can be stopped? I was daydreaming that someday I’ll be riding my white horse and have him ride it with me while we see the sunset over a vast expanse of land. Unfortunately, I can’t always stay in my dreams and that saddened me.The process of how she achieves — or doesn’t achieve — that is what we’re excited to tell.TVLINE We thought it was important for his character to take in the teachings his father was trying to impart on him.We all strive to in our different ways, and Alex is a wonderful prototype of that.She’s a powerful career woman, but she wants balance.“For fans of the comics, I think they might recognize that the story we want to tell is inspired by the iconic DC Comics’ , which told an alternate origin story for Superman,” Rovner tells TVLine, to which Queller adds, “What happened if — as a baby — Superman landed in Russia and became a hero there instead of in America. The character is delightful and brings fresh new eyes to Earth. She was amazing in this dual role, playing different characters.

We want to explore J’onn being on the streets among the people so we can continue to tell those stories.

We wanted to give him a fitting way to dramatize what we saw for Winn’s future. If it works out, we’d love to have her back for a few episodes next season.

TVLINE We discussed all options, but we really felt like we wanted a heartwarming ending after all the trauma we put everyone through. The world is experiencing enough trauma, we wanted to have a happy ending for the little girl.

ROVNER This episode was about our heroes saving Sam, so we thought it was important that we accomplish what we set out to do.

We’re really excited that Sam was empowered and able to play a part in all of it. What’s exciting is the process of watching a human being strive to have it all.

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We gaze into each other’s eyes, slowly inch forward, and then our lips touch and we passionately kiss. There came a time when I felt really sick for only being able to have him in my dreams; waking up was a disaster.

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