Captiveworks 100r updating instructions

This device allows you to Pause, Record, Rewind Live TV.

Attach a USB hardware or SD memory card to this device (not included), now you have PVR power. The Captive Works 800s has all the same great features as the Captiveworks 700s, plus the ability to use an external hard-drive for PVR functions (Personal Video Recorder).

There's no significant latency to make you second-guess your moves.

However, North Carolina State University has developed a simple solution that only requires a webcam and a little geometry.

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The Captive Works CW-600S Premium comes with an outstanding set of features making it truly one of the best digital satellite receivers in the market.

It utilizes the 15th generation software that provides a wide range of media applications....

The Captive Works Ultima is the newest addition to the Captive Works line.

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