Blizzard launcher updating tools

I’ve restarted the Update Agent a few times (obviously, since I restarted the PC a few times) and deleted the Battle-net entry in my Program Data.

So far I’ve had no success and those three games are still not working. Doesn’t even let me uninstall since it says I need to install.

During the process's lifecycle, the typical CPU resource utilization is about 0.0045% including both foreground and background operations, the average private memory consumption is about 62.01 MB with the maximum memory reaching around 88.43 MB.

Addionally, typically read and write I/O disk operations is about 11.48 MB per minute for reads and 43.61 MB per minute for writes.

I’ve found a generic support thread in the old forums and did everything in there.

I started Battle-net as admin, checked my internet-connection, tried using the ‘repair-tool’ (which didn’t work, because that is only available for installed games.) I’ve closed any background apps that could interfere with Battle-net, including my antivirus program and made firewall-exception for all blizzard programs.

Diablo3 is working just fine and the old copy of Overwatch I had installed for the free weekend some time ago showed the ‘update’ option.

I would love to know why these programs are crapping out on me or if my computer is total garbage. Thanks So basicly when i tried logging into the diablo beta this morning, the launcher said there was an update, after about 30 min it was still at 0%.

Hey guys , I installed Open beta Diablo 3 today and when i launch it it says initializing in start and then after sometime pops a message " An unexpected Error occurred while updating required files . so i tried closeing the launcher and opening in it again, now it just says : Updating blizzard launcher (0%) Anyone else have this problem?

If it says Play, or you receive this error with the Application itself, follow the steps below.

I tried the ‘find game’ tool, navigated to the games folder and it started an updating process.

Search for blizzard launcher updating tools:

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