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) This recent SMH article describes a group of Aboriginal artists as “black,” though the skin color of the artist they use to illustrate the article is quite fair.

Yet to my American eye, this article is so wonderful — and strange — because of the way it describes a fair-skinned musician as black without at all indicating that there’s any strangeness about that.

” I explain the cultural logic of the “one-drop rule” of attributing race in the United States, but often people just shake their head at the absurdity of it.

So for the past year and a half, I’ve been watching and listening carefully, trying to work out how the Australians imagine race. can be is more straightforwardly about imagining the mixing of blood; to be officially Native American for purposes of obtaining some college scholarships or special admissions considerations, for example, you have to show that you are at least 1/16 or 1/32 Native American by descent (see this interesting online discussion); in contrast, the right to hold a Tribal I. card from most Native American tribes has to do with how you were raised and what community recognizes you, not with fractions and bloodlines.

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It makes it look like Australians are a lot less hung up on racial appearances than Americans are.

Can any of my Australian colleagues tell me more about how these labels get applied in Australia?

I still don’t know that much about how Australians imagine blackness.

(Maybe that’s because Australia is more about imagining whiteness than blackness?

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