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Nice to stroll between the houses, yes there are some street with victorian architecture, and italian style. This is home to the best Italian bakeries and restaurants in Brooklyn. During The holidays, the residents do a great job decorating their homes. But Bensonhurst was the neighborhood to live in for Middle-calls Brooklynites starting in the...

Two Family Houses, Small Apartment Buildings, Tree Lined Streets and Avenues - - Bensonhurst is a true Brooklyn neighborhood.

A living, breathing middle class neighborhood constantly changing? Being an ardent fan of the 1977 movie Saturday Night Fever, I was determined to visit this neighbourhood of Brooklyn to see and to... And have been going back periodically to visit folks and to dine at a few remains places to eat that I like be. Spent four days in New York City on vacation with my wife, and it was our first ever visit to America.I grew up in bath beach (bath ave) and moved out after 30 years but left my parents there.Joseph Fama, the man who fired the shots that killed Hawkins, was convicted of second-degree murder on May 17, 1990.The other main defendant in the case, Keith Mondello, was acquitted on May 18, 1990 on murder and manslaughter charges, but convicted of 12 lesser charges including riot, menacing, discrimination, unlawful imprisonment and criminal possession of a weapon.

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