Being an intimidating person

There is a difference between having a strong character and developing an intimidating personality.Some people have to fight and struggle all their lives.They don’t see the difference between kindness and flattery.The truth is that telling the “truth” in an excessively rude way only makes people feel bad.Those with intimidating personalities often don’t realize the effect they have on other people.They know they are good people and they don’t understand why others are frightened of their overly tough expressions or gestures.Excessively defensive attitudes usually turn against you in the end.Maybe you aren’t a “Mary Poppins” or a “Mother Theresa”, but that doesn’t mean you need to be overly hard on everyone else.

If you have an intimidating personality, it’s difficult for you to understand other’s weaknesses and fragility.It’s possible that you are too abrupt when you speak. It’s also possible that others admire you so much that they are afraid to disappoint you.It works like this: you don’t express opinions, you give conclusions.They feel that the more raw and direct the delivery, the truer something is.They assume that saying things with tact is the same as falsifying or disguising the truth.

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In this situation, not everyone will be eager to continue chatting.

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