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So, in this case adding the current date and time stamp manually is a very tedious task.

I would like to stop editing the date everytime i need print an excel sheet!Now, we are going to create a dynamic title with the first and last day of the month.The formula for the first day of the month is =DATE(A2 2016, A1,1) The formula for the last day of the month is =DATE(A2 2016, A1 1,1)-1 And to customize the result, we must include these 2 formulas in the TEXT function.The parameter of the TEXT function is the format of the date you want.="Period from the "&TEXT(DATE(A2 2016, A1,1),"dd mmmm yyyy") &" to the "&TEXT(DATE(A2 2016, A1 1,1)-1,"dd mmmm yyyy") And the result is: This is because, the condition must always "read" the value of the day.

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