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Take the advice of Turn It Up Dance Challenge master teachers Alex Wong and Maud Arnold and president Melissa Burns on how to make the experience feel meaningful and successful for your dancers: Q: We are bringing in guest choreographers to set pieces on our dancers for the first time this summer.My students are used to learning choreography from their directors over the course of a few weeks, and I'm worried they will struggle picking up so much in a condensed amount of time. As a studio owner, you're probably pretty used to juggling.

"So, thank you babe for sharing your light with the world." "Beautiful day spending some time celebrating some beautiful children with @cmnhospitals," Allison shared on Instagram while supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals with her family.

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After getting married in December of 2013, this couple has welcomed a child of their own.

Running a business is demanding, with new questions and challenges pulling your attention in a million different directions each day.

But there's a solution that could be saving you time and money (and sanity! Studio management systems are easy-to-use software programs designed for the particular needs of studio owners, offering tools like billing, enrollment, inventory and emails, all in one place.

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"Dress : @tedbaker #cmnhospitalambassadors." While Stephen's birthday plans remain tight-lip for now, we have a feeling family and dancing time will be on the agenda."Stephen, I hope you have the best birthday! "You absolutely deserve all the love you are shown.

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  1. As a young boy he took piano lessons in London and later french horn and violin classes. In 1965 he studied at Westminster School and and began taking a course in history.