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Rogers has also, in a post on his blog, expressed broadly positive sentiments about fanworks (albeit tarred with some inaccuracies), saying he thinks that "fanfic is the sign of a healthy show".

He also was extremely active on Twitter, answering questions about the show, for example: held March 19-21, 2010 at the Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

The team caper format, where one job is followed from beginning to end in each episode, also attracts a lot of gen fans.

In early Leverage fandom, there was no one pairing that took the fandom by storm. Some of Eliot's popularity with fans is a result of the existing fanbase for Christian Kane, due in part to the actor's role as Lindsey Mc Donald on Angel: The Series and his inclusion in many CWRPS and other RPF fanworks.

Issues relating to race and the representation of countries other than the U. are troubling to certain viewers: "Its well-meaning white liberal niceness is so far away from the kind of political awareness I demand from anything I am expected to give intellectual acknowledgement to, that I resent it for falling so short." Because of the premise of the show revolving around conning others, and the cast pretending to be people they aren't, stereotypical and joking portrayals of minorities troublingly reoccur.

Felicia Day really started something when she worked up the Geek & Sundry You Tube channel – but Caper, a new webseries from Amy Berg (Eureka, Leverage, Person of Interest) and Mike Sizemore (the stage version of Howl’s Moving Castle), may have exceeded even her expectations.

Caper is about a group of superheroes/roommates who, after finding that superheroics don’t pay the rent, decide to go rogue.

Dean Devlin floated the idea for a convention on Twitter and was overwhelmed with positive response from fans.

The name of the convention came from multiple fan suggestions.

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