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Alejandro helped Amber jump-start her career and move her out to Los Angeles.Amber dated Mexican actor Valentino Lanus for roughly a year.5 Ideas for Cheap Summer Dates Women, Get Down on Your Knees! You’re out with your friends and an attractive man approaches you and begins flirting.You exchange numbers and begin talking and texting.Despite dating for a brief time they were engaged, but they eventually split.

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Single Parent Household versus Two Parent Household?

Letting Go Of Your Past So It Won't Block Your Future Five Tips for Better Communication How does your Family Dynamic affect your Dating Style?

Read more → "A baby won't make him stay." How many times have we heard this phrase?

Sadly, as many times as we have heard it, there are still plenty of women who disregard it. Read more → In the past few weeks, about 26 celebrities semi-nude to nude photos have been exposed due to hacking and splashed across the internet.

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Their relationship is lowkey, but they seem to be going steady.

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