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Which he did send me a picture, that looked like he just hopped out of the shower. This man found me in Pinterest and said he liked my pins. Then said he won a 4 million dollar contract for his company. After a couple of weeks he contacted me saying he needed a phone card to keep in contact with me and his children. My original blocker had stolen another man's profile . Ok so last night my mom got a call from a computer company stating that they took money out of her acct for a computer. Raymond Douglas - DOB 5/27/60 CEO Ray Holdings Inc. Used names Steven Carrick, Heinrich Gunter and more. Many women give a personal fortune to these men and are in trouble also with employers as these creatures embezzle assets of the company the work for. Started private chatting on Twitter, very sceptical as within a few days he got really romantic and sent erotic emails, which were so obviously pre scripted. I also chatted with a Bradley and he wanted $ 6,000. They all work on an oil rig so they can't video chat. But everybody loves me after five minutes and after ten minutes they want money. I am still shocked to see how many new stories continue to appear on this page. And he was trying to get a work loan but couldn't get enough money together. He said; on one of the same fb sites we belong too. He said he just got out of the shower, give him a minute. Just recently, I've been playing along just to see if he will talk to me when he knows I won't send any money - nope, not much - just one sentence and then he is gone from Hangouts. I just can't understand how they have the time to fool us ladies, we have "talked" for hours. Sends a lot of pictures of himself that looks real, can't understand where he finds them. I ok'd him (Richard Jefferson) if that is his name. I got as far as talking about the weather, next thing, blocked. I blocked him immediately and took off Google Hangouts. Many are women where the scammer gets their trusts. Name used was Kurt Christian Scholz, wife and two children died in a boat accident two years ago. I have chatted with Wilson Dom who eventually wanted many declarations of love to have $ 15,000. I have been away for over a year for personal reasons, actually moving on with life. Anyway I got suspicious after he had a "work accident" and it was his fault.When you find the right person for you, simply let them know and they'll stop matching you so you can get back to having the time of your lives together!

Register now for free Meet lusty girls for sexual affairs right now!I am looking for someone that is looking to build a future not to sit on there butt and take all my money. My name is Brittany I'm 19 and I'm attending college in the fall for a major in early childhood education and a minor in business. Are you looking for a hot casual hook up in Dixfield? Here you will find dirty sex contacts from your region.Please send this to the FBI - these guys have to be in Los Angeles. Says he has a 14 year old son staying with his sister in California. He found me on Instagram, and would appear he's looked into the things I follow so he can swat up on what I like and show an interest. Supposedly won a contract bid for a project on an offshore oil rig at Byrding Field, North Sea. He goes My the name Mark Dennis and has a 13 yr old daughter and is from Champagne Il. Just a heads up to the person talking to James Fresnel, I met him on WWF2, his name is Curtis Micheal there. We moved over to Whats App and have been talking for about 3 weeks, I am his wife, his queen, he also calls me babes, so in love with me, can’t stand living without me. Met him on Instagram and wanted to move over to Whats App. He said he can’t come off it for another 2 years unless he needs a vacation. Explains his poor English on being brought up in France. He’s still in contact, trying to convince me to send money. Lovely Ladies, I will share my story about how I found this site. I told him I have enough that I could not help him this time and he was mad and argued with me but still I said no. He said from Italy and had a house in San Diego, Ca Being to naïve I was a victim with the same story. I can't imagine if it wasn't for Bank of America detecting it, I would be in jail but not only that they are using you but also they steal money from you. He also goes by David Williams but he said that is not him and he was hacked on facebook but I don't believe him when I question him he said he does not have to explain anything to me. I said I was no longer interested in a relationship and blocked him. I’ve blocked him three times knowing deep down that he’s a scammer yet I’ve opened it back up again. After reading on several sites now (such as this one), I see the horrible damage these guys have done so I shut it down for good. And it will never happen to me but do not give any darns to the person whom I don’t know yet. I wouldn't give a phone number, but I am talking in email. Guy says he works on an oil rig, says he has lots of money, houses, etc. Don't fall for it, he's a pathetic scanner So my mil has sent over 3000 dollars to a terrance scott brandon. I was chatting with a Roland Morrison/ Morris on Words With Friends today- said he was a 50 yr old welder, widower (wife died in plane crash) and has 15 year old daughter - said he lives in the UK- asked for my email address- and for me to join Hangouts. How beautiful he thought I was when he first saw me. He said that he had not been with any women since his wife died 10 years ago. The scammers are soulless creatures, it is an eye opener. Share this information with anyone you love or care about, save someone from a broken heart and empty wallet. I play Words With Friends and am contacted daily by these guys. They promise they love you, they want to spend the rest of their life with you, give you the world. Same scenario for all, different names, same stories. I would never ever give a man, especially someone you don’t know money. He promised that he does not do it anymore and I hope that this is what this man did. In Nigeria, it is very bad and poor and these people live to lie. He is not educated but is an American I think by the voice, a churchgoer, anglican, finally sent me the letter from Petronas oil, showing the amount of .2 million USA. I telephoned Petronas and they gave me short shift to say this is a scam so don’t listen. As we first spoke he was working on a major contract for Vancouver, Canada (he’s owner of contracting agency). Professed to be a Christian man looking for a Christian woman. In love, couldn't wait to meet me in person, went to church every Sunday. I knew the request for money was coming and it did. These men are not nearly as smart as they think they are. I just couldn’t let this go because my integrity is so very important to me. I think the guy in the Twitter profile pic has had his pic stolen, though. No record of his company Avocado Drilling and Seadrill is BS. I never sent him a dime but did care deeply for him. Over a few years time I have talked to several men.

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