Acomodating information security in our business

Examples of impairments include hearing loss, limited eyesight, loss of a limb, or an illness from a pathogen transmissible through food, as listed in the FDA Food Code at section 2-201.11.

In order for an impairment to be serious enough to be an ADA disability, the impairment must substantially limit a major life activity.

Examples of major life activities include walking, seeing, hearing, breathing, caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, sitting, standing, lifting, learning, and thinking.

Example 1: Hanh has severe diabetes that seriously limits her ability to eat.

Driving a wedge between the US, South Korea, and Japan remains key element of North Korea's strategy.

Though Japan and South Korea are allied against North Korea, tensions remain strained among the countries due to lingering resentments from Japan's invasion of mainland Asia during World War II.

An impairment also may cause serious, long-term effects that, in turn, severely limit a major life activity.

Example 2: Dani contracted Hepatitis A, which led to liver failure and the need to have a liver transplant.

The POCOG is hiring a private security contractor, stipulating the firm should be capable of running around 500 personnel to operate X-ray screening each day during the event, a separate document seen by Reuters shows.

Our handy 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Games brochure lays out all the details covered here and more.

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South Korea has blamed the North for a series of hacking attempts in the last few years, including a 2013 cyber attack against South Korean banks and broadcasters that froze computer systems for more than a week.

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