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I want an arrangement, an understanding.”Later, Lexi had moved to the couch area and was massaging an Orthodox Jew’s chest and thighs.

“He told me he had to go to synagogue at and it was , so I told him he might as well leave,” she said at the end of the night.

“The problem is that all of our lives we’re asked, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up? ’”Tatianna has since taken the younger girl under her wing in a “private organization where our mentors are developing assets for us so we can retire in two years.”She went on: “We believe in a movement called social entrepreneurism, which is the act of helping people become better people so they can pay it forward and help others too. And I can’t do that if I don’t have financial freedom.”After graduating college, Tatianna felt like she could either work in finance and “make a ton of money but help no one” or go into social work and “be broke as hell but help people.” She’s since become cynical about traditional careers.

Today’s “sugar baby” phenomenon is largely associated with Seeking Arrangement.com, an unconventional dating site where wealthy men, “sugar daddies,” pay for sex and companionship with young women.Tatianna had come to the event with a 21-year-old friend and mentee, who declined to give her name.“She’s my very, very best friend and is teaching me about life,” the younger girl said of Tatianna, who explained that the two were in the same sorority.They met when Tatianna was invited to speak as an alumni to younger sorority sisters.“She was like, ‘I feel lost,’” Tatianna recalled.” Amanda asked a broad-shouldered man in a suit, pouring vodka and cranberry juice into four thimble-sized plastic cups. Figured I’d come in and relax”—and thumbed through a thick wad of bills.The suited man handed one drink to his schlubbier friend—“my boy Jay”—and the others to two potential sugar babies, then asked where they were from. Then: “I feel like I’m taking a geography quiz.” Both women laughed generously at his bad jokes. Conversation between the suited man and one of his new female friends continued like this for several minutes, at which point Amanda leaned over the bar and offered “the back room, if you want to sit down and talk more privately.” They had another round of drinks before disappearing behind a black curtain.

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